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I have recently just had my birthday and I had a quiet get together for brunch with the girls. I found this great little nursery tucked away just outside of London in Richmond upon the Thames, which is located at the very end of the tube map (Surrey). The venue is at Petersham nurseries which is a garden center that also hosted private parties as well as a coffee and tea shop facility.

The booking was for 2.30 in the afternoon which is perfect for guests who are traveling from different parts of London. This is quite a strange time for brunch as traditionally it is an after breakfast pre-lunch but the idea around this was to wake up the taste pallet I have heard many reviews about the food. Some may even say that its Michelin star.

As I felt very inspired I thought I’d make a short list of my top favorite spots which would be ideal for brunch, lunch or simply an afternoon tea.



Petersham Nurseries

As above this is an obvious choice as it feels like you have stepped out of London and have entered a beautiful countryside garden. The food is very rich with the perfect portion served. They do cater for people with all sorts of allergies however they only have 1 option! Price wise I would say you would be paying for 4 stars.

The Ritz

A British classic! For a traditional afternoon tea, The Ritz is a great option with its historically beautiful hotel! It has an impressive lobby and dining area. The building is very grand and luxurious with high ceilings and glass light fixtures. It is a winner for anyone wanting to experience a touch of glamour! This will leave you very full as they let you top up your finger sandwiches at least 3 times (not that it’s necessary).  Price is top end and totally worth it!

The Sanderson Hotel

All those who love Alice in Wonderland or just want to relive their childhood fairy tale, then this is the place for you. It has an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party wrapped up in a very affordable afternoon tea package which can be booked for brunch up to the early evening.  You get the cutest little teas and dessert potions which immolate the Mad-hatters tea party!



Such a quirky venue with famous for the eggshell and stained glass toilets. It has a 1950’s vintage feel in the dining area with a gallery wall of alternative art. You almost feel like you are walking into the set of a David Lynch film. The puddings and sandwiches are made slightly different to the traditional. I’d like to say it has taken the classic afternoon tea election and added a little twist (but nothing scary). Price would be 4 stars and here you also get your sandwich tray topped up several times!


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