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As an adult In your 30′ s you think that the trivial things that have passed you by as a  teen or even a 20 something-year-old is well and truly in the past. As much as I thought that this was the case I found most recently that I was very wrong!

Working in an industry where things are constantly changing and people are always looking for “New In” it can be a tough place to be if you are the slightest bit sensitive (which admittedly I am). Sure we all have those insecurities where we wonder if we’re pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough or even rich enough. Will I get that job, does that boy think I’m interesting or even can I get invited to the next blogger party?

I recently had a situation that made me feel like I needed to go shopping and buy a new wardrobe, get my hair done and have a whole new makeover! And as much as I do this on most days and months! In this instance, it was particularly strong! 

Have you ever heard of the term it’s not what you know it’s who you know? Well, that was very much the case for me. I recently had a situation where someone was brought in over me based on who they knew and as much as I hate popularity contests I had to remind myself that that was the same way I was introduced to this party. 



As I heard about this I felt the pit of my tummy churn. My instant reaction was I had to go shopping immediately and become my best self! 





As I look in the mirror convincing myself if I buy and own this skirt which all the bloggers had, the skirt that was so hot and would sell out immediately. I couldn’t possibly walk out of this shop without it, I almost fell to my seat in sadness.

Was I really this shallow? Was I really going to let this situation define me and my self-esteem? I don’t think I’m very good at adulting I think to myself.

I walk out of the fitting room with the skirt held tightly in my hand. This skirt was going to make me feel amazing and make everything better. Only thing is an hour after purchasing this skirt I don’t feel better not even a little if anything I felt worse and super frustrated that I wasn’t able to conquer this feeling I had. 



As I sit by my bed looking at this skirt that I bought I decided to take it back! It’s cursed I convinced myself and I can’t base how I feel about myself on something so exterior. 

As I get older I really start to question the choices I make and the people I surround myself with and I wonder “do we ever really get past not being able to sit with those mean girls?”

And the answer is, Yes! Rise above it put on your comfy sweats and be around those who will take you however ever you come! They will ultimately be the ones who have your back in the end!!!



Ps- whatever mean girl moment you are having just know that there are at least 10 people who love you just as you are! X

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