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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have all had a good week! After living in London for the past 8 years I have gotten quite used to the idea that friends come and go! 

There seems to be something very temporary about London. You meet the most amazing and open-minded people and before you know it they have to move away. So when they come to visit its the most amazing thing on earth. You have so many laughs and s much to catch up on and why not do this by going to your most loved Resturants

Last month I had one of my favourite people come over from Canada with her new husband. It was just so fun to see her after all these years and one of our loved places is Abeno a small and busy little Japanse restaurant that cooks okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) We have had many fond memories talking about life, love and the future over this delicious meal. 

So obviously the first stop, when she arrives, is Abeno is Holborn. We couldn’t very well go there and not bring the boys also.



I have to say with all my new food discoveries in London this has been a solid fave for many years. It never fails to disappoint. My one tip is to book a table in advance. This place is very tiny and gets very busy. So if you want to have your own space bookings at least 5 days in advance is necessary. 





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