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Sustainability and awareness are becoming more of a conscious effort within the Fashion Industry. We want to look after the earth which we live on and preserve it for future generations. Having been in the industry for over 12 years I know it can sometimes be a challenge to reuse when fashion is always evolving.

I caught up with Zoe Partridge , Founder of fashion subscription Wear the Walk. This super cool business savvy lady tells us her story. Wear the Walk is a great subscription service which allows you to rent emerging designer pieces per month!




Tell us a bit about your background and what drew you to the Fashion world?


I used my experience at Mulberry to find a niche in the market, accessing luxury was unobtainable and the fashion industry was slow to adopt new technologies. I then joined the Outside View and got first-hand knowledge of the power of data and an impact on improving traditional industries, and how to start a business. The sale of the Outside View propelled me in to be able to start my own thing, which was essentially scratching an itch. I was the target consumer shopping lots and buying crap. So, I wanted to see if there was another way to consume what and how I wanted. I think also the influence of a “Tiger Mum” has given me the confidence to start my own business so young. I wanted to be the boss now! My skillset very much lies in selling, and so I used my experience of selling data to people that had no interest in it at the Outside View to become fearless (and seamless) at asking people for things- like emerging designers. From hearing their needs, I built my model around being anti-establishment. The anti-Mulberry and the pioneer of bringing next-generation fashion to the masses!



What would you say sets your subscription service apart from any other?


We hit the sweet spots. Emerging designers, focusing on sustainability, edgy yet commercial designs, not one outfit is the same.
Customer: Alternative way to shop with unique clothing.
Industry: Variety and a platform to meet others in the industry and work together.


What would you say is your favourite thing about the business?


Seeing the faces of women feeling amazing in our clothes, they become a new person. – it’s extremely satisfying.


What is your can’t live without item of clothing or accessory?


Pair of Doc Martins and Boyfriend jeans.


What has been your career highlight?


Featured in Sunday times style mag!


What do you see for Wear the Walk in the future?


A platform that any brand (in the lux) space can advertise items to rent on. I also see it going global.


What are the 3 key trends you see for Spring/ Summer?


Trend 1: The 80’s – Back to the future style – Day and Night – Strong shoulders i.e. Y-Project by Off-White
Trend 2: Pants under skirts/kimonos – All about deconstructing and reconstructing new figures
Trend 3: Statement pastels – Block pastels mixed and matched.


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