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Just a bit of a break from styling, beauty recommends and trends. I just wanted to write a Dear Diary type of blog on this occasion for past year. 

This year’s events have been a knock-on effect from what actions and choices that I made from last year. In February 2016 I decided to leave my full-time job and start my own Personal Styling Business. It is something that I feel very passionate about and I wanted to get involved in changing other people’s lives through their clothing choices.  I was naive to think I could start something and have it take off within the first few days! Believe it or not, I thought like this. 

In the building and starting the process, I learned a lot about trying to stay disciplined and not just going off and meeting friends for lunch and calling it work in progress. When you are working for yourself and not a standard 9-5 it is important to have a plan as this is what will keep you structured. I also had very high expectations of what my idea of support within my circle of friends which at times made me feel very lonesome. I really wanted to be around people who understood and could relate to what I was doing.  


After months of not really knowing what was happening and doing the odd freelance job here and there my house fund which I was using to get by started running low. I was fortunate enough to ask my parents for a loan in case of an emergency. I knew I had to go back into full-time employment which I really did not want to do. How could something that gave me so much stress and makes me quite sick be the answer I would ask myself? I found a full-time job doing a maternity contract for a premium London brand. It was situated in a very beautiful old mansion in Kew Gardens with some of the loveliest people I have ever met, However, this did not fulfill me. 

After the contract, I met this lovely brand which based in West London who I know do full-time work for. The environment is great, and the people are very forward thinking. The business is doing very well, especially amongst the big time Bloggers. In all honesty, I do feel that I have been very fortunate with all the opportunities that have come my way within the last few years. So why do I feel like there is still something missing? I am still looking for an outlet, that freedom!

I recently caught up with my Italian friend this weekend who I used to do Drama with in East London. She left the big smoke 4 years ago after being sick of her office job. She now travels around the globe teaching yoga. She said to me “What is freedom? I may seem free but there are lots of things that I cannot be free from, even in my situation”

Perhaps freedom is just an illusion? I’m not sure about how I will resolve this I have tried both ways one working for yourself and the other is working for the man (in my case the woman). I did realise though that I have had so much fun in my 20’s living in London and I am ever so grateful for all the super amazing people that I met along the way and after that!

I know what I am ready to do now, and it’s been a long time coming. As I sign off for the year I hope you come back for updates and progress for things to come. I hope you all have a great Christmas and tune out city life until the New Year! 






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