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Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am so pleased that I could take time off today from all the events, planning and be wearing anything other than my most beloved pyjamas today.
This week, has been all about networking, planning, lunching with friends and retail therapy!
I’ll be honest when it comes to new challenges and new experiences I am an expert in procrastinating mainly because I am too scared to deal with it then and there. This week I’ve had a few fashion events such as a sustainability event with a monthly clothing subscription Wear the Walk, as well as had a Meet up where I spoke on a Panel and gave tips and tricks on how to get into the business of personal styling. I am a very social and chatty person but believe it or not I can be very shy and awkward when it comes to meeting new people especially when it comes to telling them what I do. Like most, we always have that voice in that tells us that we will not be able to achieve something or that will make us doubt or actions. This is when I get my most shy or lose my nerves to do something.





What have I learnt from putting myself in uncomfortable situations this week?



This week has been very uncomfortable for me. Unsure about the future I threw myself into the deep end and started creating some styling events, cold calling local businesses to get collaborations as well as engaging with new faces some of which have been super amazing and have been very successful in their businesses. Some say that confidence comes with age. I am 35 years old and I have to say I still feel like I’m nowhere near how confident I should be. However, after a very late Monday night dinner with my best friend Gareth I came to some relations. One of them is when your rolling with the punches you may as well stay on this path. So, I thought if I am continuing to put myself outside my comfort zone and I get more nervous why not out myself in an even more nerve-racking situation. I know to some this may not make a lot of sense. However, each time I did this I the task I was doing beforehand didn’t seem like it was so big because I knew that I had an even bigger task which I had to deal with afterwards.
In turn, I feel more comfortable tackling the current task or event I had. I would say however I would do this with a maximum of 3 only. After the third day, I think to just pure exhaustion and pushing myself y body finally said no more and got an ear infection as well as a bad case of vertigo. So, when you are pushing yourself please try and listen to your body and make sure you’re getting r and r.


Retail Therapy


I recently just booked flights to Canada for the summer as well as a festival ticket to Oshgeaga in Montreal! Now, this is defo something to look forward to! However, for someone who is trying to save and put together enough money for a house deposit this not the ideal situation. My first instinct would be to stay away from any shops, malls, restaurants and people to stop myself from spending any more money, but as this has happened before and ultimately, I end up spending triple when I have given myself a week off I found that this type of treatment is not the way forward for me. To avoid all this, I think it’s important to be really aware. I have given up nothing and pretended that this is something I will just need to be aware of and try and do everything but in moderation and cutting everything in half. So, dinners cut in half per week. Clothing will be limited to 2 items every 3 weeks and seeing friends will be the same!




My one true love! It gets me through all the tough times and it rewards me when I am good! I have changed my diet quite drastically due to health reasons within the last 7 months and I have to say that it has been tough, agonising almost. I myself to no sugary cakes or chocolates and any sweets that I do consume is only from natural sugars such as raw brownies or tropical fruit with coconut cream. As it is Easter I feel like we are allowed a little treat every now and then. I think what am I going to do I have given myself the ultimate choice 1 item of clothing or 1 Easter egg? I think I’ll choose the cream egg!






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