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  1. Know when enough is enough! In a world where we are running around constantly we forget that it’s important to say no to things or when it’s time to give up. This may be for jobs we don’t like, relationships and friendships. When we are trying to sort ourselves out we always evaluate what is going on in our minds and bodies and with that, we look at what we can improve. I think an important place to start is to look at the those around us. We should ask the questions ” Do they add value to our lives?” ” Do we feel happy around them” and the ultra-important “If we are looking a hundred years old with no sleep and are the most miserable people to be around would they turn up to visit with a pizza?” If you answered yes to all of these then you are pretty lucky! If you answer no to any of these then it may be time to do the “snip”.



  1. It’s ok to run away from your problems. There’s that saying, “I don’t want to run away from my problems!” which I agree with to some extent. However, I do believe if your problems are getting the better of you and you just need some time out to have a clear head and reassess the situation then this is absolutely fine! While you’re running away from your problems you may as well do it in a great location with great weather and great beachside views if you have the opportunity (cause let’s face it that’s quite limited in Britain). Yes, your problems or whatever challenges you are facing will still be there when you return but at least you would have had enough distance away from it that you can look at it with perspective and less emotional engagement.



  1. See friends and family. Sometimes there’s no place like home! Spend time with people who make you smile. Every time I go home I always have big arguments with my sister and my mum over things like phone chargers, coffee, lipstick you name it we’ll argue about it! However, we have lots of laughs too and there’s something pretty amazing about having them around when you are sick and your mum makes you a hot water bottle while your sister lends you her favourite childhood teddy bear!



  1. Get some great skin care. Your face is the first place where all your signs of worry and stress will show. So, whilst life is making all these plans which you need to juggle make sure that a great eye cream, moisturiser and serum are not neglected. Failing all that you can cheat your way out of the most sleepless of nights with a great sheet mask which I personally leave on for 45 mins even if it says “remove after 15 mins. “



  1. Eat yourself happy. I don’t mean into obesity but remember to take time out and go for brunch or dinner in your fave cafe or restaurant! invite your fave people and remember why you love them so much and what great adventures you can plan in the next few weeks! Whatever is going on is never worth such upset that you are not enjoying the food in your life because you just can’t stomach eating.



  1. Buy yourself something cheap and cheerful! I’m a great believer in retail therapy. It’s probably not something that should be encouraged but I think its great for increasing those endorphins. So long as you can pay your rent and still be able to feed yourself over the next week then it’s totally allowed. x


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  • Angelie Balingit
    25th June 2018

    Yes, I believe you have to give yourself time to do what will make you happy. Giving yourself and figure out what is important in your Life.. Enjoy Life every single day, it’s a blessing.

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