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There’s something very sexy and alluring about wearing baggy clothes. Don’t get me wrong I do 100% believe a woman should show off her curves and her shape. However I also believe we should break the rules as this can sometimes inspire the best looks and situations.

 I recently snatched a couple of items out of my best friend’s wardrobe the other day(he’s a boy). One was a classic oversized check shirt and a plain white tee, these can do wonders for your staple wardrobe. 

I wore these items all of last week and received so many compliments from many people about the way it drapes and looks on the body. I think I’m definitely onto a winner! Here are a few different options on how you can team up a great boys piece with some of your very own.

The flannel check shirt- I teamed this up with a pair of high rise skinny jeans and a cropped top worn underneath. This also looks great with a pair of denim shorts o those slightly warmer days. My one rule with both of these looks is to always roll up the sleeves, this polishes the look off perfectly and it looks more suited for the the body. This also help me  to showcase all my arm candy!

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The basic white tee- This is great cause I feel like it transitions really well into womenswear. I wore this with my leather vintage mini skirt teamed up with layers of mixed metal necklaces. You can also wear with distressed super stretch skinny jeans. Both looks are a winner and it is so easy to wear. Accessorise with layers of jewellery on the neck or the wrist(recommended to choose one area only). Not an accessory girl? No problem wear without!



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I found a great website that does boyfriend inspired pieces for the girls called Boyfriend supply. They do clothing which looks like something we took from the boys. Cant wait to pair them up with my staples. Until then I think Ill hold on to my friend’s clothes for now! 


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