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Sunday is my favourite day of the week even more so than Saturday. I love that I have finally eased myself into relaxation mode and given myself enough head space from the events that have happened during the week. 

I am not one to usually one to stay in bed and watch Netflix even though I envy those who do. I think due to my anxious nature I just always need to be doing something, going out and seeing someone. I do however feel super lazy when picking my outfits. This often the day where I want to wear the loosest and boxy shapes as well as going make up free. I am sure many of us feel this way but at the time we still want to feel put together and not look like we’ve just rolled out of bed especially if we are meeting friends. 

My fail safe items are loose high waisted mom jeans. My current fave is my light wash denim with a red gross grain side stripe. Worn with a very loose cropped knitted jumper which is perfect cause it cuts off at just the right place where the high rise denim start. It is always important to work with proportions and balance. I am not traditional and believe you cannot wear loose on loose styles and fitted styles together. It’s all in the way you style them, it can be the best thing you’ve done or the most disastrous. 

It is important to always remember the small details. I currently love the side stripe trend at the moment and wearing sports luxe. It gives very relaxed vibes as though I have just thrown everything on, and in all honesty I actually have. 

A tip to remember if you are going to be styling this look is. If you are wearing the loose denim or even if you want to take it to the next level and wear jogging bottoms always wear them as high waisted as comfortably possible. This gives the illusion of a slimmer waist, longer legs and it turns the look from casual to pulled together. Step into some mid heels and you are all set for that lunch date, brunch date or just catching up with the crew!

Happy Sunday x





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  • Angelie Balingit
    25th March 2018

    Love your idea of styling. Simple, comfy, easy to wear, still fashionable.

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