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I left London a little over a month ago to go back home for a spur of the moment visit home to Auckland. Sometimes when it all gets a bit overwhelming the best thing to do is to spend time with friends and family. First meal out with family is at the Fo Guang Buddhist Temple 

For those vegetarians and vegans this place a winner with delicious mains ad mouth-watering desserts all very affordable this place is a must visit.

My trip back home was an interesting one. Living in England I don’t often cross the Atlantic to go back too New Zeeland as the flight is such a killer and not mention that they are 11 hours ahead of us. So, the jetlag will usually stick around for about a week until your body starts training itself to go to sleep at the right time again.

Some say you can never really go home! I’m not really sure what they mean by that.  I do have to say being back home in my parents’ house after being away for so long was like being a teenager again. My little sister was also back from Melbourne for 2 weeks during my trip and stayed at the family home as well which was amazing, but you forget about the little things you fight about when your all living back at home.

During my stay, I caught up with all my old friends some of them recently moved back from London and some were kind enough to come home from Australia and South Island. It’s amazing how much life has changed. When you live in London you get so caught up with work, going travelling and catching up with people and going to different events in London that your time goes so quickly and before you know it 5 years have passed. It was almost like being back home, but home was on steroids as there were so many buildings being built and torn down, the traffic increased by quadrupole and did I mention the food prices had shot up in price (an avocado cost $6 that’s equivalent to £3 per avocado)!

It also let me see things in a much different light also. Many of my friends have a can-do attitude I suppose that’s just the kiwi way but many of them gave me good advice on life, work, love and just general adulting which gave me a lot of food for thought. After living in London for almost 10 years now there are many things that you come to accept such as not driving, living in small spaces, not having children until much later in life and always feeling like you always must be somewhere. I guess after living in those conditions there are other parts of life that you come to accept without realising. Seeing family made me realise that things don’t need to be so hard. Seeing friends made me realise that there are things you should not accept. Seeing both and seeing NZ life has made me realise that I shouldn’t wait another 4 years before my next visit. 



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